Piazza G. Poggi, 50125 Firenze – Next Opening: Maggio 2018

From 26 June LIEVITO di Sedicente Moradi

On June 26, 2017, the preview inauguration of ‘LIEVITO’

The installation by Sedicente Moradi of contemporary art conquered us. Throughout the summer Easy Living will be decorated with the installation by the Florentine artist, Sedicente Moradi. On Monday, June 26, the preview took place in the presence of the artist and various artistic Institutions. The installation is named ‘LIEVITO’ and is made entirely with wood. ‘Lievito’ is “…indissolubly linked to its environment – says Sedicente Moradi – a sort of biological bond between the space that is covered in an alternately smooth and pointy wooden surface, and the natural space that surrounds and contains it. By raising or levitating its straight lines and merging them with the architectures of the two interpolating trees, a shape is created that develops like the knot of a tree, a complex but light structure that transmits a possible harmony between man and nature”. The piece, which embraces the trees and interacts with the green of the garden, was realised in cooperation with the Superintendence for the architectural, landscaping, historical, artistic and ethno-anthropological heritage of the metropolitan city of Florence ,and is part of the cultural bill of ‘Estate Fiorentina 2017’.

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